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Niitsitapi - Graham LP (NGLP) began operating in November 2012 as a SRDL Majority-owned (51%) business partership with Graham Industries Ltd., being the minority partner (49%).  Graham Industries Limited is the fourth largest heavy construction company in Canada, with annual gross sales of over $3.0 billion.  

Niitsitapi - Graham LP's principal role is to be SRDL's heavy construction business arm permitting the Siksika Nation to capitalize on heavy construction contracting and employment opportunities on major projects within Siksika's Traditional Territory. 


NGLP Highlights:

  • Operated the $6.5 million ATCO Electric East Alberta Transmission Line (EATL) Mat Management Project, employing over 40 Siksika workers and generating $7,000 in positive net income for SRDL

  • Construction of the new Siksika Business Plaza ( including Petro-Canada) 

  • Currently involved in the Eastren Irrigation District Bassano Dam spillway project. 

siksika business plaza

The construction of the Siksika Business Plaza will reach overall completion by the Summer of 2017.  The $11 million project is aimed to concentrate businesses within the designated Siksika Industrial Park area, and serve as an entry-level retail opportunity for independent and start-up businesses that serve a limited market.

Phase 1 of the Business Plaza includes first class services Petro-Canada, and a 22 seat Subway Restaurant within a 3,800 square foot building.

Phase 2 will consist of an 8,000 square feet grocery store, and an additional 5,000 square feet of space reserved for 5 retail bays, to be leased out to interested third parties.  

Siksika Nation, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Indigenous Relations-Government of Alberta, and Peace Hills Trust are all major contributors to the project. 

sandhills recruitment agency

The primary role of Sandhills Recruitment Agency is to manage a temporary staffing agency from Niisitapi-Graham LP and securing staffing placements with third party employees.

SHRA Highlights:

  • Successfully placed and managed over 50 employee placements in 2014-2015

  • Successfully placed employees with Siksika Business Plaza Phase 1 and 2 

  • Successfully placed Nation members with the Bassano Dam Expansion Project

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