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Siksika Holdings Inc.

Siksika Holdings Inc. is a Siksika Nation based company that offers commercial and residential leasing opportunities in the City of Calgary, AB. The Siksika Calgary Office building and the Applewood Condominiums are wholly owned properties by SRDL.  The focus of Siksika Holdings Inc. is to effectively manage the existing properties owned by Siksika Nation.  The objective is to take a stronger role in the buying, selling, and developing of existing properties.  This course of action will be used as a way to effectively utilize capital and maintain a positive reputation within the community.



  • Increase the value of the real estate properties

  • Investigate, acquire, and develop new real estate for Siksika Nation

  • Create sustainable wealth in real estate properties for Siksika Nation

  • Consolidate, streamline, and improve the operation of current properties owned by Siksika Holdings Inc.

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